Awards and Grants

Big News!

We are delighted to announce that beginning in 2016, your association doubled the value of each award we offer. Student Bursaries will now be worth $1000 each, while Student Achievement awards will be worth $200. All our other awards and grants have doubled in value as well. We have also instituted the Liz Louwersheimer Memorial Award and Anita Chapman Award to honour the contributions of two highly esteemed supoorters of Alternate Education. Be sure to download the latest forms below! 

Sponsoring Student Applications

Each year, your association distributes $16,000 in Bursaries and Awards. As a teacher and a current active member of the BCAEA, you are eligible to sponsor up to five of your students' applications for one of our student awards. Changes and tweaks are made to the forms on an ongoing basis, so be sure to download the latest versions which are available as a fillable PDF form.

Questions should be addressed to the BCAEA Awards Chair


Please note that except for the Student Activity Grant and the Regional Conference Grant which accept submissions throughout the year, the deadline for receipt of applications for all other awards and grants has changed to March 15th. Due to the volume of applications received, we are unable to consider incomplete or late applications. 

Student Awards and Bursaries

Liz Louwersheimer Memorial Award

To honour of our friend and long time BCAEA Executive member, this $1000 award goes to a deserving student who was enrolled in alternate and is pursuing a career in the mental health or helping professions fields.

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Student Bursary

To celebrate their success in alternate, five awards of $1000 each are available to a student graduating from an alternate program, and continuing their education or training at a post-secondary institution. 

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Student Achievement Award

Fifteen awards of $200 each are available to a student now enrolled in alternate who is demonstrating responsibility for behaviour, a significant level of self-motivation, improved self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Kathi Hughes Award

Named after a long-time BCAEA Executive member and Prince George alternate teacher, this award of $1000 is presented to a teacher willing to publish a newsletter article on their innovative program.

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Student Activity Grant

This grant consists of four awards totalling a maximum of $4000, and is available for an activity for the benefit of at-risk students who are receiving alternative programming.

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Regional Conference Grant

A single grant of $1000 is available to help offset the costs of holding a regional conference. One goal of the regional conference must be promoting membership in the BCAEA.

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Anita Chapman Award

Honouring a retired teacher, union activist, and long-time supporter of the BCAEA, this $1000 Alternate Curriculum Award is presented to a teacher, program or school that developed curriculum that caters specifically to alternate students.

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